Operating as a limited company or thinking of incorporating?

Why incorporate?

When you incorporate a business it becomes a separate legal entity. This means that as long as you do not do anything illegal or negligent your personal assets are protected. There are also potential tax benefits depending on how your profits are distributed. However with the benefits of incorporation come legislative requirements that must be complied with.

Company Formation

We offer a full incorporation service, completing all the necessary paperwork for you in a timely manner.


Limited Companies are subject to stringent regulation with regards to the filing of accounts and annual returns. The introduction of online filing brings additional responsibilities which we have the facility to deal with. Our monitoring service will ensure you meet all statutory deadlines and avoid paying costly penalties. We will produce your annual accounts in line with the latest regulatory requirements and ensure they are submitted to Companies House on time.


As well as the Statutory Accounts we will deal with your Corporation Tax affairs, producing the Corporation Tax Return and filing it in time as well as advising you of your liability to corporation tax.

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